Certificates that
our quality

From the direction of MAJOFESA Spanish lumberyard we are committed to the improvement and respect of the environment through a firm commitment: to reject any type of production from non-controlled areas. For this reason, since January 2012 we are part of PEFC and FSC® protocol, applying those certificates to our woods. This is a maxim that we include as one of our principles of corporate Quality Policy.


These two certificates mentioned include our MAJOFESA lumberyard in the worldwide forestry Chain of Custody, through which we give customers our credibility and ecological security. With this authentication we label our woods ensuring that our production has been purchased deteriorating as little as possible the habitat in which we get our wood. With the Chain of Custody system we ensure to optimize the use of natural resources to contribute to the timber market while maintaining a model of responsible forest management.


The Chain of Custody is the official procedure that allows our lumberyard to avoid alterations, substitutions, contamination or destruction of the woods. A requirement to prove that our woods are properly identified and marked with a number indicating: wood type, quantity, quality, features, the containing certificates, traceability and drying time. In addition, the woods are stored separated by type, thickness and quality, ensuring its preservation, documentation and register control. With this processing system we ensure in our lumberyard the maintenance of the information and identification of the certified final product.


The certification of the Chain of Custody PEFC also offers us an effective mechanism to demonstrate the compliance with the requirements of the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR). That is why as a trader buying and selling timber company within the EU, our lumberyard is responsible for keeping a track of our suppliers and customers to facilitate the traceability of our products.


This is our  FSC ® Certificate.

certificats de qualité - quality certificates - certificados de qualidade - certificado fsc y pefc almacén de maderas valencia



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