exportación almacén de maderas valencia - woods exportation - exportação de madeiras - exportation de bois


MAJOFESA is a Spanish lumberyard located in Valencia. We are a wood store with over 80 years of experience dedicated to the exportation of wood. You can also find us in Valera de Abajo, Cuenca, and we do not rule out keep opening more installations to expand our business.


We could say that our chain of buying and selling wood start at the time we collect the timber in the port of Valencia. We pick our products in bulk, although 75% of the orders come in containers from regions such as South America, United States, Scandinavia, Africa, New Zealand and Central Europe. In addition, we also received some material in trucks from national or European origins.


From the port, we carry the wood to our installations and store it in the sawmill. We have two dryers for subtracting the moisture of tropical timber, mainly, which allows us to offer the best quality wood. We follow the rules of the European certification. We remain faithful to the Chain of Custody and our internal quality policy.


As for the transport of material, for the wholesale purchases and deliveries we have a trailer (40 tons), a 2-axle truck (25 tons) and another 3-axle truck (15 tons). This own fleet allows us to reach any destination with greater speed and efficiency. Also, our collaborations with transport agencies extend our distribution network to international or island destinations, arriving by road in trucks or by sea containers.


If you wish to contact with MAJOFESA lumberyard, do not hesitate in calling or writing. And if you do not have the opportunity to move to Valencia, we can give you more information about a batch and even send you detailed images to observe the quantity and quality of our material.


We custom budgets for all our customers, and we give the opportunity to finance your purchase with Crédito y Caución. We will add you to our customers register so you can enjoy a confortable purchase that you will get the faster posible way.


Thank you so much for trusting us!



    Fuente En Corts Road, 160
    46013 Valencia (España)


    Cuenca-Valverde Road, km 1
    16120, Valera de Abajo (Cuenca)


    +34 963 733 606