The capital of the river Turia, Valencia, is par excellence the perfect location to place our great lumberyard. 48,000 m2 installations of capacity that make of us a reference point for the carpentry industry in Levante territory, mainly. Our sheds are equipped with the necessary material to collect, store, care for and maintain the woods we receive until we do the sale to our customers.


We have two driers of 80 m3 each to subtract the necessary moisture to the woods (tropical, mainly), and provide a material in optimum conditions. We receive the material with 80% moisture, more or less, and thanks to our drying, we can sell the woods with 10-12% of humidity. Even for special orders, we can dry until 8%.


We are faithful to the proper drying and subsequent storage in each case, trying to carry out a comprehensive care and an “endearment of the wood» that seeks as its main objective the direct wholesale selling. We always check the humidity of the woods with a hydrometer to confirm their status, and we treat them with the greatest attention to prevent their cracking or the attack of pests.


In our endeavor to expand our business and our philosophy, since 2015 we have new installations in the town of Valera de Abajo, located in the Spanish province of Cuenca. Around 2.000 m2 that have become another point of contact for the rest of the national and international territory.


MAJOFESA offers a wide variety of types of wood. We have a wide range of softwoods, hardwoods and tropical woods, plus some semi-finished wood products. Our imports come from the best suppliers in the industry and they keep this quality in our sawmill thanks to our exporting chain. To consult our products catalog you can access here and to place an order or contact us you need to fill our form.



    Fuente En Corts Road, 160
    46013 Valencia (España)


    Cuenca-Valverde Road, km 1
    16120, Valera de Abajo (Cuenca)


    +34 963 733 606