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MAJOFESA is a traditional Spanish lumberyard located in Valencia, and it is dedicated to the purchase, storage and sale of wood. With over 80 years of experience, we are now the third generation that continues the successful track record in this sector. Despite our long journey inside the market, we are far from being an obsolete lumberyard. We talk about a company with young and enterprising spirit that continues steadily on the market, offering a more diverse range of possibilities that allows us to highlight the variety and quality of our products. This shows our concern and our desire to pursue success while we extend our experience around the world.


The beginning of our company goes back to the city of Ontinyent, where it was born our first lumberyard more than 80 years ago, which we moved to Valencia in 1958 to continue and expand our work area. In 1967 we became with corporate character society, extending our activity throughout Spain. And in 1975 we had to take our current installations in the Fuente En Corts Road.


Backed by all these years of experience and with our desire to prosper and improve our relationships with customers, we make from ourselves a company with great effort to fulfill this task. In 2015 we inaugurated another lumberyard in Valera de Abajo, Cuenca, and we do not rule out keep opening more installations to expand our business.



MAJOFESA’s policy priority is to increase the confidence and satisfaction of our customers concerning about the quality of our products.

MAJOFESA is committed to respect the environment thanks to our commitment acquired in January 2012 with the PEFC and FSC© certificates.

Our commitment is to disseminate this Quality Policy in our organization and to maintain these principles as fundamental pillars of our company.

From the direction of MAJOFESA and in order to give relevance to the quality in all our processes and services in the timber industry, we want to present our quality policy.


The direction of MAJOFESA also agrees to accomplish with social requirements, as well as safety and healthy occupation based on the ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998). We respect freedom of association and freedom of union, and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, the elimination of forced or compulsory work, the abolition of child work and the elimination of discrimination in matter of employment and occupation.


This way MAJOFESA is presented as a serious lumberyard, always taking hallmark our slogan: «TELL US WHICH WOOD YOU WANT, WE WILL DO THE REST«.


Ana Ferrero Aleix

Managing Director of MAJOFESA



    Fuente En Corts Road, 160

    46013 Valencia (España)


    Cuenca-Valverde Road, km 1

    16120, Valera de Abajo (Cuenca)


    +34 963 733 606