Fraxinus americana
EN american ash wood


The original name of the American ash is Fraxinus Americana. It is a tree that can reach up to 35 meters high and has its natural area in the eastern United States and Canada, especially in the states of Quebec and Florida. Its cultivation has spread throughout the area of the Río de la Plata, due to their similar characteristics of their homeland. In addition, it has also been populated throughout Argentina with species, particularly in rural provinces of some port cities such as Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe.



American ash wood is of very good quality. Its sapwood is broad and creamy white colour, while the heartwood is yellowish brown or pale yellow tinge with brown streaks.



American ash wood is clear, strong, and grainy with straight veins. Its brightness is medium and a bit bright, it lacks scent and it has medium and heterogeneous texture, straight grain and veining, smooth with chestnuts lines.



The sapwood of the American ash wood is dry and it is susceptible to wood-eating insects, but very easy to drench with dyes and paints that can repel them. The heartwood has less capacity impregnation, but it also accepts be covered by liquids.



The American ash wood, which you can find in our lumberyard MAJOFESA in Valencia, it is a strong, hard and tough wood with a high impact resistance and excellent skills for bending and wear work. It gives good results with dyes and polishes and can be glued satisfactorily. It has excellent properties for works of steam bending.



The American ash wood is ideal for making baseball bats and for developing hand tools. It is used in cooperage, furniture with curved parts, sporting goods, lathing, handles and end of tools, agricultural implements, textile accessories, boats, paddles, containers and plates.