Quercus alba
EN american white oak wood


The American white oak receives its Latin name as Quercus alba, a species belonging to the family Fegaceae. It is a tree native to Europe, Asia and North America. Specifically, in North America region it stretches itself from Quebec to Minnesota and from Florida to Texas.



Despite its name, it is very strange to find a white oak with a bark of this colour, but has a more greyish hue. Its shape is very robust and its branches grow in width if it is raised in the countryside or in large areas, so their greatest physicist gives it a majestic look.



The American oak wood has a heavy and strong consistency. With a coarse texture and straight veins.



The white oak wood is as durable as the tree itself, which can last up to 500 years. It grows in low, wet and dry areas, although there are species that live in areas of almost 2,000 meters above the sea level, so the use of its wood can also be multifunctional.



As in the case of the red oak, the white oak wood tends to splinter, especially when working it by hand. In addition, it is also recommended drilling it before inserting nails and screws on it. It supports a good bonding and its finish is usually fancy and good, so it is not necessary to fill the pores with any product. The American oak wood allows a good tint and in the case of using it with metal, it may acquire a darker colour than the expected.



The white oak wood is highly appreciated especially in the field of carpentry. It is used to make outdoor furniture, boats, barrels, flooring, interior furniture such as chairs or platforms, as well as baskets and plates.