Fagus sylvatica
EN natural beech wood


The natural beech wood is obtained when a species common beech is cut down (Fagus Sylvatica), a deciduous tree with a very wide long straight trunk to get planks and beams from it. In MAJOFESA we offer sharp-edged beech wood and beech wood without edging as well. This material comes from countries located in the middle and south of Europe, the south of Scandinavia and United Kingdom. Also, in the north of Spain we can find some forests with beech species. In particular, in our local lumber yard MAJOFESA you can find species from Germany and Yugoslavia.



It is considered a semi-hard wood with pale cream colour that can vary from whitish to brown. When it is cut crosswise, the trunk is white, although with the contact with the air it becomes a reddish colour blending the sapwood and the heartwood shapes.



It belongs to the group of fine woods, with closed pores and an uniform texture.



The natural beech wood is sensitive to the weather and also to some insects or fungi, specially larvae and termites.



Natural beech woods have a good and easy finish by permeating the dye very well. Also its texture favors a very elegant polished. Drying is usually slow and it is possible that some bends or deformations appear in the end, although this is an advantage when brushing, milling or turning, because it bends without any problem.



Interior carpentry, furniture and joinery, doors, platforms, friezes, moldings, decorative veneers, plywood boards wood. However, it is not recommended for bathrooms due to its intolerance to moisture.


In addition, in MAJOFESA you can also find spare parts of beech wood: we prepare large quantities of planks with the measures that our customers need.