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At MAJOFESA we offer you a great variety of oak wood, of different species. Without a doubt, it is the most widely used raw material worldwide, along with pine wood. This is due to its abundance in forests in Europe and America, its great resistance, the aesthetics it presents and the immense ease of working it offers.

Oak wood is traditionally the most popular wood in the carpentry sector. In addition, it enjoys a fairly good reputation among consumers. This type of wood is generally found in Northern Europe, Northern Spain and some areas of North America. There are also oak forests in Africa, Asia, Japan, Turkey and Canada.

The price of oak wood varies substantially depending on the species and other characteristics, such as its availability. At MAJOFESA we guarantee wooden planks at competitive prices, without diminishing the quality of the raw material. It should be noted that it is not an expensive wood if its characteristics, peculiarities and the quality it gives off are taken into account.

Oak is a peculiar, slow-growing tree. It normally reaches 40 meters in height and stops growing when it is about 200 years old. With a wide trunk and supreme robustness, it is an incredible species to use in carpentry. Despite their growth ceasing at the age of 200 years, these trees can last about 600 years. Its fruit is acorns, widely used to feed the famous Iberian pig in Spain.


The term oak wood is used to refer to various species of the Quercus genus. It is a tree species native to the northern hemisphere. Although it is a slow growing tree (except under extremely favorable conditions), it is one of the longest-living species today. In Spain we find oak forests in areas of the north of the peninsula, such as Galicia, the Pyrenees and Cantabria.

In our Valencia and Cuenca wood warehouse we offer you three different oak wood variants. The three species advocate supreme quality and the best guarantees of use in various sectors, such as construction and joinery.


European Oak: an excellent light yellow wood that can reach brown in terms of heartwood. It is found throughout the northern part of Europe and houses great durability properties.
American Oak: In terms of color, American oak covers a wide range of colors, ranging from brown to greenish tones. It generally grows in forests located on the east coast of the United States.
Red Oak: this species also comes from America. It is in brown tones, with a tendency to red. It is the cheapest oak wood species, because its properties are not as excellent as those of the previous options.


It is a heavy and hard wood, with very visible rings on the surface. Regarding the color of the oak, its sapwood usually presents yellowish tones, while the heartwood tends to stand out for its amplitude of dark tones.

Oak wood is an extremely strong raw material, which is highly resistant to moisture and rot. Its main uses are in shipbuilding and interior and exterior carpentry.

This wood species has traditionally been used in the manufacture of wine barrels, because it preserves the liquid in perfect condition, without deteriorating at all. In addition, it provides unmatched flavor and aromatic characteristics to different types of wine.

It is important to note that the oak bark is very rich in tannins. For this reason, it is also used as firewood and even as a skin pain reliever, due to its healing properties.


Variety of shades, from light to dark colors.
Very resistant, high-density wood.
Medium grain and straight grain.
Wide resistance in humid conditions and is not usually attacked by termites or fungi.
Simple nailing and screwing. An easy wood to work generally.
Supports varnishes and paints.
Slow drying wood as a general rule.


Due to the quality properties of this material, the sale of oak wood is generally concentrated in the sector of joinery and fine carpentry for interior construction. Normally, this type of material is marketed in wooden planks, wooden beams or all kinds of furniture.

In addition, we are dealing with a type of wood highly appreciated in large construction when opting for its harder appearance. It can be used in vault frameworks, shipbuilding, hydraulic or armament works (cart, rifles or pistols). It is also frequently used in oak barrels for the wine sector and in high-quality musical instruments.


In the lower qualities, the sale of oak wood can still be profitable for common carpentry, the manufacture of parquet floors, the construction of sleepers for railways or joinery veneers. In addition, as a decorative element, oak can take shape in the tanning industry.

At MAJOFESA we have a wide range of oak wood of different species. We offer you three different varieties, which provide extreme quality in their different uses. Our wooden planks have been selected taking into account broad quality standards.

If you need to buy oak wood in Valencia, contact our logging warehouses. Our customer service team will inform you of all the details you should know, such as product arrangement, payment methods and distribution of raw materials.

At MAJOFESA we treat our products with the utmost care, advocating supreme quality conditions and maintaining our values ​​of efficiency and sustainability at all times.

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