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EN walnut wood


The walnut wood is one of the most prized materials that exist today in the timber market. There are up to 20 different types of walnut wood, each one with its own characteristics, depending on their origin. In the southwest of Europe we can find the European walnut; in North America and Canada regions lives the American black walnut, and in the western United States, it grows the California walnut.



The walnut wood has a characteristic and unmistakable colour, between reddish and dark brown flush, which can differ according to each type of wood.



This type of wood has an average density, with a robust and strong constitution. Its surface is slightly stiff and has a mottled vein, which gives it an original appearance and makes it easy to handle.



The walnut wood has a high stability and is less sensitive to temperature variation and humidity than other types of wood. It is considered one of the most resistant woods over time, even in adverse conditions to its survival.



The walnut wood is one of the preferred by carpenters because, despite its hardness, it is very pleasant and easy to work with both hand and machine techniques. Also it permeates well dyes and varnishes, both in the heartwood and the sapwood, but it takes a slow drying.



the walnut wood is highly valued in the market of timber especially for its aesthetic features for the home interior design and due to its ease of treatment. Fundamentally, it applies to the manufacture of furniture and wall coverings. Other uses of walnut wood are the architectural interiors, the high-class joinery or the manufacture of doors and panels. It is also often combined in construction with other lighter colored woods for more original and varied results.