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We are aware that wood export is a quite big deal, and therefore a commitment for us. That is why, in order to deposit all your confidence in our lumberyard MAJOFESA we offer you not only the possibility to come to the store in person: if you do not have the opportunity to move to Valencia, we can give you more information about a batch and even send you detailed images to observe the quantity and quality of our material.


All our products are stored in an organized manner to ensure an optimum storage. The woods are distributed in our facilities by type, thickness and quality, as well as its moisture. This way we guarantee its preservation, documentation and register control.


In the pictures that you will receive about the batch you want to get, you will see all the characteristics of wood, including its registration number, which is unique for each item.


We custom budgets for all our customers, and we give the opportunity to finance your purchase with Crédito y Caución. Our years of experience enable us to track and control all our customers’ data to make the wood export and distribution the easiest and fastest possible way. MAJOFESA‘s own fleet and our network of contacts with transport agencies allow us to reach every corner, so distance is no longer a problem.


You can find us both in Valencia and Cuenca by heading to the Spanish lumberyard MAJOFESA, or what is the same, Maderas José María Vidal Ferrero, S.L. You can call us by phone, by fax or by filling out this form to send an email. Thank you so much for trusting us!

Wood export


    Fuente En Corts Road, 160
    46013 Valencia (España)


    Cuenca-Valverde Road, km 1
    16120, Valera de Abajo (Cuenca)


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