In our Spanish lumberyard MAJOFESA we offer the highest quality of this material for the purchase and sale of wooden planks at national and international level. European, American and tropical timber are the three major types of lumber that we have in our installations in Valencia and Cuenca. Furthermore, we also have a catalog of semi-finished products intended for use in interior and exterior carpentry and construction.


If in addition to these products, you need some other kind of wood that is not in our online catalog, you can contact us and we will try to find your order.

Wooden planks

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maderas frondosas - madeiras folhosas - bois des feuillus - hardwoods

Hardwoods are also known as broadleaf for its heavy consistency Hardwoods make up a wide range of colors ranging from pale to dark brown tones. Generally, they are woods with a little porous surface rich in tannins, that is why sometimes it is hard to impregnate the material with dyes, glues or lacquers.

maderas coníferas - madeiras coníferas - bois des conifères - softwoods

Softwoods are the most commonly used in construction and carpentry for its high quality. They have normally a resinous surface, rich in tannins and natural oils, the oldest tree species which grow both in cold and temperate zones.

maderas tropicales - madeiras tropicais - bois tropicaux - tropical woods

Tropical wooden planks are highly appreciated for its hardness and resistance to moisture. These lofty woods come from very large trees with homogeneous trunks and bright colours, although darker than softwoods and hardwoods. They usually come from Africa, South America and South Asia.

semielaborados - produits semi-finis - semi-finished wood products - produtos semiacabados

Our semi-finished wood products are: set of beech pieces; pine treated at level IV; KKK rolled profiles of pine and radiata pine wood with fingers; and wooden platforms of Sweden pine wood.



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